Integration of Aviation AWOS with RWIS Update - December 3rd, 2015


UPDATE: Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Phase II of the Integration of Aviation AWOS and RWIS will conclude December 31st, 2015. On October 21st, Doug Galarus delivered the final report presentation in conjunction with the Caltrans October Research Connection Event. The presentation detailed the capabilities of the Aviation WeatherShare application, and presented evaluation results. The application presents comprehensive weather information to aviation personnel including pilots, airport operators, and EMS flight crews who operate in rural, underserved areas. The following slide from the presentation shows data from the application that a pilot could use to make a safer trip.

This slide shows the Wind Aloft layer in the Aviation WeatherShare application.

The presentation showed opinions about the website and its functionality as given in a focus group survey and an online survey. The presentation also covered the gap anlysis that was conducted to identify regions and sites lacking local weather data. Altogether, the presentation demonstrated the benefits of the website and where to go next. Doug and Caltrans Project Manager Melissa Clark answered questions and discussed the project and the application at the end of the session.

Doug Galarus, on left, and Melissa Clark, on right, answering questions after the presentation.

More information about the event can be found at The presentation can be viewed on the Caltrans Maintenance and Operations Video Archive Home page ("DRISI Aviation Weather Information" under the drop-down menu), or seen in the video below.

The presentation slides can be downloaded here or on the Integration of Aviation AWOS and RWIS project Documents page. Check back at the end of the year for a final update on this project.