Professional Capacity Building (PCB) for Communications Update - February 8th, 2016


UPDATE: Monday, February 8th, 2016

Phase 3 of the Professional Capacity Building (PCB) for Communications project was recently completed. The project team researched and revised a comprehensive training curriculum for transportation communication systems that will build the professional capacity of rural intelligent transportation system (ITS) engineers and technicians. This phase of the project included a needs assessment and gap analysis, as well as the facilitation of a training course on Telco Wireless communication technologies.

Twelve Caltrans ITS engineers and technicians gathered this March at the Ron LeCroix Training Center in Woodland, California, for a course on Telecom Wireless Fundamentals.

Photo by Leann Koon

The project team completed four tasks with related deliverables: Project Management, Course Selection, Course Delivery, and Evaluation. The training course and evaluation summaries, as well as the results of the needs assessment and gap analysis are included in the final report document. The revised Curriculum Scope and Sequence is a separate document.

The following documents can also be found on the PCB Project's Documents page and in the Documents archive.

You can read more about the Telco Wireless training course in the April 6th, 2015 PCB project update.