WSRTC Update - November 4th, 2010


UPDATE: Thursday, November 4th, 2010

The Western States Rural Transportation Consortium Pooled Fund solicitation has posted to the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Pooled Fund Program website. Caltrans will be serving as the sponsoring agency and the Washington Department of Transportation will serve as the lead agency. This pooled fund will support travel and workshops for discussion and exchange of information and knowledge about Rural ITS needs, as well as technology transfer of WSRTC research at local and national conferences.

  • Next Steps
    • FHWA pooled fund approval period (3 weeks)
    • Proceed with first year funding commitments.
    • Signature of research contracts.
    • Begin operations (funding of travel for participants) – 2011.

WeatherShare and the Responder system are two products of the COATS effort which attracted the interest of the WSRTC member states in leveraging and sharing research efforts and results. These systems were originally developed for California and Caltrans, but have the potential to be adapted and used in other states. Click here to read more about WeatherShare or check out the Responder system here.