California Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems (COATS) Update - October 21st, 2010


UPDATE: Thursday, October 21st, 2010

COATS Phase 4 has five main projects within its scope. Technology transfer is a key component and Phase 4 continues to support the Western States Forum. This phase is also looking at how to best deploy technologies developed under COATS and spinoff projects, as well as evaluating and examining new issues and deployments. Finally, expansion of the COATS region to include areas of other states, under the umbrella of the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium, is also being investigated.

Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forum (WSRTTIF)

An engineering practitioner's conference with the goal of providing a forum for high-quality exchange of technical information that can help to support better ITS deployment in rural areas. It is a forum for dynamic discussion of practical and technical issues associated with rural ITS, to promote transferability of solutions and knowledge across the ITS community. Four to five highly interactive technical presentations, ranging in length from 1 to 2 hours each, in-depth equipment and software demonstrations, and numerous opportunities for networking with peers, are all part of the agenda.

The 2011 Forum will be held in June. Watch for a Save the Date card and a Call for Abstracts sometime this fall.

Trailer deployment at Fredonyer Pass, CA.

Photo by Chris Strong

Examination of developed technologies deployment

Investigate available approaches to corporate deployment of innovative products that have been developed through COATS-area research efforts. It is expected that WeatherShare will be the subject study case.

Radar Speed Trailer deployment warrants

The application of radar speed signs are typically made in an unscientific manner and are the result of either subjective judgment or, more rarely, engineering studies. The devices are placed wherever there is a perceived problem with little quantification of the problem itself. This work will develop warrants for the use of radar speed signs in California, specifically in the COATS region.

Evaluation of the Fredonyer Icy Curve Warning System

This work will evaluate the impacts on vehicle speeds or crash occurrence/history following deployment of the Icy Curve Warning System on Fredonyer Summit.

Explore development of the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium

Establish a consortium comprised of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada to facilitate and enhance safe, seamless travel throughout the western United States. The Consortium seeks to promote innovative partnerships, technologies and educational opportunities to meet these objectives. More information regarding the consortium can be found here.